If I had recourse to a lawyer, I would like to be able to access my file when I want it, and without any constraint .

With experience, I am convinced that access to your information "on demand" is essential. We have built an effective solution for you.

We have chosen to register each of the developments in your file in a BPM, or " workflow manager ". A responsive tool, which replaces each event concerning you, document, procedural bulletin, in its own dynamic logic, using working menus, responding to the progress of your file.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

For reasons of security and confidentiality, it is necessary to open an " account " via DAMAaaS (our BPM), which will allow you to be identified in perfect security. For the rest, we use DAMAaaS permanently to work with our team, so that you have access to the same information as us . Practical information on the SEO referencing of this site: Mr Joël TAGHEU


The use of DAMAAaaS is hardly compatible with the use of a cell phone, which we are sorry. We recommend that you connect with a desktop computer (Mac or PC) or a tablet.

I never logged in

By clicking, you will have access to an explanatory page of what you will find on DAMAaaS, as well as a description of the connection method.

I have already opened an account

You lost your password, or you did not save the address of the link to your file

Download the " step by step " connection guide to your online monitoring interface